March 2018:

Members of the Bonner Lab attended the 2018 Society of Toxicology (SOT) annual conference in San Antonio, TX. Poster presentations were made by Dorothy, Sreeja, Lexie and Mark. Mark and Sreeja won travel awards. Also, Mark as the Graduate Representative for the Nanotoxicology Specialty Section. Nice job, everyone!

January 2018:

Ho Young Lee joined the Bonner Lab in January of 2018 as a PhD graduate student in the Toxicology program. Welcome Ho Young!

December 2017:

Katie Duke graduated in December, 2017 with her PhD in Toxicology. Congratulations, Katie!

June 2017:

Katie Duke won a travel award and presented a platform presentation at the Aspen Lung Conference in Aspen, CO. Congratulations, Katie!

February 2017:

Sreeja Sridharan was selected to present her research entitled “Cytokine Production by Rat Mesothelial Cells Exposed to Carbon Nanotubes Functionalized by Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) Coating as a Means of Assessing Risk for Mesothelioma,” at the National Council of Undergraduate Research (NCUR 31) conference at the University of Memphis TN in April 2017. Congratulations Sreeja!

January 2018:

Dorothy You  joined the Bonner Lab in January of 2017 as PhD graduate student in the Toxicology Program. Welcome Dorothy!

November 2016:

Jamie Bonner joined colleagues at Babes-Boylai University in Cluj-Napoca, Romania for the International Collaboration on Nanotube Safety (ICONS) workshop, which is a joint U.S.-European scientific investigative venture and part of the Sustainable Initiative for Innovative Nanoscience and Nanosafety (SIINN) program.

June 2016:

The Bonner Lab crew travels to the International Nanotoxicology Congress in Boston, MA to present their work and catch up on some history. Katie Duke from the Bonner Lab and Gina Hilton from the Michael Bereman Lab at NCSU win travel awards and Gina wins a best poster award. Congrats to Katie and Gina!

March 2016:

The Bonner Lab crew travels to the Society of Toxicology Annual Conference in New Orleans, LA to present their work and spend some time in the Big Easy. Lexie joins Bonner lab graduates Kelly and Ellen below to enjoy a cafe’ au lait and beignet at Café du Monde in the French Quarter.

Kelly, Lexie, Ellen at Cafe Dumonde

January 2016:

The Bonner Lab is awarded an NSF Grant to participate in ICONS (International Collaborative on Nanotube Safety), a joint research venture with Prof. Dominique Lison at University Louvain in Brussels and collaborators in Germany and Romania. The kick-off meeting of collaborators is held at University Louvain hosted by Prof. Lison.

Brussels Belgium Jan 2016

December 2015:

Kelly Shipkowski graduates from NC State with her PhD in Toxicology Program and take a Postdoctoral Position at the National Toxicology Program in Research Triangle Park, NC. Congratulations, Dr. Shipkowski!

Kelly Graduation

April 2015:

Jamie Bonner served as the U.S. delegate for The World Health Organization (WHO) Workshop on the Immunotoxicity of Nanomaterials, held in Bilthoven, Netherlands, along with delegates representing the Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, France, Canada, Mexico, Singapore, Republic of Korea, and Japan. The workshop was hosted by Professor Henk van Loveren of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment(RIVM).


March 2015:

Society of Toxicology Annual Conference in San Diego, CA. The Bonner Lab delivered a tour-de-force of scientific presentations with nanotoxicology posters by Kelly Shipkowski, Lexie Taylor, Katie Duke, Erinn Dandley, and Mark Ihrie.

Kelly Shipkowski was awarded Best Graduate Student Award by the Nanotoxicology Specialty Section of SOT for her work on carbon nanotubes triggering inflammasomes during allergic airway inflammation. Congratulations Kelly!

IMG_3361  IMG_3378 IMG_3395

Dr. Bonner delivered the 2015 Colgate Palmolive In Vitro Lecture for Students hosted by the SOT Education Committee.


 December 2014

Jamie Bonner was a guest on Radio In Vivo hosted by Ernie Hood to talk about Nanomaterials Health and Safety.


June 2014: 

Jamie Bonner was hosted by Dr. Andrij Holian at the University of Montana at Missoula, MT and gave a talk on ‘Predicting the Impact of Engineered Nanomaterials on Lung Disease’.



March 2014: Society of Toxicology conference in Phoenix, AZ: photoBrian Sayers (Bonner Lab alumnus), currently an NIH Postdoctoral Fellow with the National Toxicology Program, won an award for best publication at the Nanotoxicology Speciality Section.  The winning publication is titled, “Exacerbation Of Allergen-Induced Airway Remodeling By Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Is Exaggerated In COX-2-Deficient Mice”.  Congrats Brian!

Kelly Shipkowski, Lexie Taylor and Elizabeth Thompson presented their research findings in a poster session entitled, “Nanotoxicology: General & Carbon based”. Kelly Shipkowski was awarded a travel grant to present her research at SOT 2014.

Elizabeth, Ellen, and Kelly take a desert hike after posters at SOT2014 Phoenix.

South Mountain Park 3


February 2014: Jamie Bonner was hosted by Dr. Philip Demokritou as an invited speaker for the Nano Seminar Series at The Center for Nanotechnology and Nanotoxicology at Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, MA.

Harvard SPH

January 2014: Katie Duke and Mark Ihrie joined the Bonner Lab as Ph.D. students.  Welcome!


October 2013:Nano13_None Dr. Bonner was invited to Oslo, Norway as part of an international panel of scientists to discuss the risks and advantages of nanomaterials.  Information discussed at the “Workshop on Nanomaterials and Possible Adverse Health Effects”, organized by Olav Breen of If P&C Insurance, Oslo and Professor David Christiani, Harvard School of Public Health,  is summarized in the article, “Insurance firm ponders nanoparticle risks“.    Oslo Norway Group


September 2013: Dr. Bonner was an invited speaker at EuroTox2013 in Interlaken Switzerland.

Jungfraujoch - Top of Europe


June 2013:

IMG_2794Ellen Glista-Baker successfully defended her Ph.D. thesis titled, “Mechanisms of the Pulmonary Immunological Response to Nickel Nanoparticles in Allergic Airway Remodling and Pleural Inflammation” and landed a job as Postdoctoral Fellow in the laboratory of Dr. Ilona Jaspers at UNC Chapel Hill.  Congrats Ellen!






April 2013: Brian Sayers successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis titled, “The role of COX-2 in the inflammatory & fibrotic response in the asthmatic lung following exposure to multiwalled carbon nanotubes” and landed a Postdoctoral Job at The National Toxicology Program in Research Triangle Park, NC.  Congrats Brian!



March 2013: The Annual Society of Toxicology (SOT) Conference held in San Antonio, TX was busy and productive. Kelly Shipkowski, Ellen Glista-Baker, Lexie Taylor and Elizabeth Thompson presented their research findings in a poster session entitled, “Nanotoxicology: General & Carbon based”.

Lexie and Kelly remember the Alamo at SOT2013 San Antonio, TX

Photo Mar 12, 5 22 18 PM


October 2012: James Bonner was awarded a National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) R01 grant (Sept. 2012 – June 2017) to study susceptibility factors in lung disease caused by exposure to engineered nanomaterials. The grant features a collaboration with Dr. Gregory Parsons in the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at NC State University.


July 2012: Toxicology-of-Carbon-Nanotubes-335x480Cambridge University Press and Amazon released a book entitled ”The Toxicology of Carbon Nanotubes” co-edited by Dr. Bonner and his colleagues in the UK – Professor Ken Donaldson  and Dr. Rodger Duffin from the University of Edinburgh, along with Dr. Craig Poland from the Institute of Occupational Medicine.





June 2012: Ellen Glista-Baker published a first author research article in The American Journal of Respiratory Cell and Molecular Biology co-authored with Brian Sayers, Elizabeth Thompson, and Lexie Taylor entitled “Nickel Nanoparticles Enhance PDGF-Induced Chemokine Expression by Mesothelial Cells via Prolonged MAP Kinase Activation“.










May 2012: Brian Sayers published a co-first author research article entitled “Multiwalled carbon nanotubes induce COX-2 and iNOS expression via MAP kinase-dependent and -independent mechanisms  in RAW264.7 mouse macrophages“ in Particle and Fibre Toxicology  with colleague and co-first author Dr. Jong Kwon Lee at the Korean National Institute of Food and Drug Safety in Osong, South Korea. The work was a collaborative effort with Dr. Kyung Soo Chun at Keimyung University College of Pharmacy, and Dr. Robert Langenbach at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) in Research Triangle Park, NC. Lee-et-al.-Fig-480x449









May 2012: DSC08078Brian Sayers, Ellen Glista-Baker, Kelly Shipkowski, and Lexie Taylor presented their research findings in a poster-discussion session entitled “Health Effects of Nanoparticles” at the 2012 American Thoracic Society (ATS) Conference  in San Francisco, CA.




April 2012: Dr. Elizabeth Thompson presented her work on “The role of STAT1 Transcription Factor Signaling in allergic airway disease induced by carbon nanotubes” at the Annual NCSU Postdoc Symposium hosted by the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs. Elizabeth also delivered a  talk on this topic in March of 2012 at the regional Visiting Pulmonary Scholar Program held at the Friday Center at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.