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Graduate Students [please inquire]

A major directive of the Bonner Lab is to train and mentor Graduate Students in cellular and molecular mechanisms of environmental lung disease, as well as doing research to prevent future disease from emerging technologies. Students in the Bonner Lab are trained to use a combination of in vitro cell culture techniques and mouse model techniques to develop a comprehensive background in pulmonary toxicology research. Students accepted into the Toxicology Graduate Program at NC State do several lab rotations during their first semester, so this is a great way to learn if there is a compatible fit with our group. Graduates from the Bonner Lab continue their career paths in toxicology in either industry, government and academia. If you are interested in learning more about the PhD Program in Toxicology at NC State, feel free to contact Jamie Bonner at jcbonner@ncsu.edu. If you are interested in applying to the Toxicology Graduate Program at NC State, visit the Toxicology Graduate Program website.

Undergraduate Student Internships [please inquire]

The Bonner Lab typically has undergraduate students during the semester that may be students in the Department of Biological Sciences or other Departments at NCSU such as Biomedical Engineering. Students are encouraged to get course credit for their research experience in the lab and they may also apply for competitive stipend funding from the University if they decided to stay longer than one semester in the lab. Undergraduate laboratory schedules during the semester are flexible with the student’s course schedule but it is ideal for the student to have enough time in their schedule to work in the lab several hours a day for at least three days a week. Undergraduate students may also pursue summer research. If you are interested in applying to the Bonner Lab for a future undergraduate research internship, send your resume and brief paragraph of your interests to Dr. James Bonner at jcbonner@ncsu.edu.

Postdoctoral Fellows [please inquire]

The Bonner Lab has trained many Postdoctoral Fellows over the years. These positions are usually funded through NIH grants, but Fellows are also strongly encouraged to pursue individual NIH F32 grant funding from NIH. Postdoctoral Fellows typically work in the Bonner Lab for one to two years to learn new techniques, get training in presentation skills at national conferences, publish their work, and develop more independence to become competitive for jobs in industry, government or academia.

Collaborations [we are always open to new collaborations]

The Bonner Lab has collaborated with a number of other scientists and research groups over the years, including those interested in basic mechanisms of lung disease and more applied research related to the toxicology of emerging contaminants. Collaborations broaden scientific horizons and merge approaches, techniques, tools, and ideas in novel ways. We look forward to continually developing collaborative ties with people in academia, government and industry. If you are interested in pursuing a project of mutual interest, please send an email to Jamie Bonner at jcbonner@ncsu.edu.